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Welcome Constant Pest Control.


Welcome to Constant Pest Control. We offer a reliable, fully trained and insured service to our customers within the Hampshire and Wiltshire area. Our priority is reaching you fast and we will do everything we can if you have an urgent pest problem, to be with you within three hours.  If your problem is less urgent, we can visit you at any time to suit you, even evenings or weekends.

Constant Pest Control has full professional and public liability and is a member of RAMPS, Basis Prompt. We deal with Moles, Rats, Mice, Squirrels, Bees ( For an insight into Bee Swarms read the our article published in the Romsey & Wellow Gazette in April 2012), Wasps, Rabbits, Birds, Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Fleas, Clothes Moths and Carpet Beetles, Ants and assorted infestations.

Why use a professional instead of a DIY approach to pest control?

There is no question that DIY can be a safe, perfectly sound option when it comes to controlling some pests provided you know what you are doing. However, the onus rests fully with you if a treatment fails or causes problems for your family, neighbours or guests. If attempting to deal with a wasps nest be very careful More....

Pest control is increasingly subject to regulation and as a DIY enthusiast you can leave yourself open to litigation, if you are not fully competent.
Pest Controllers have to be trained, fully indemnified professionals if they are to gain access to some of the most effective remedies on the market and there is little substitute for experience.
Mark of Constant Pest Control Services has been trained by a leading organisation in the industry and assessed by the City & Guilds Institute of London in the safe use of chemicals and aluminium phosphide gas, therefore qualifying to be on the RAMPS register. As a matter of course he continues his training to ensure that he remains on the Basis Prompt Register, an approved government scheme with a stringent code of practise set up to provide the pest control industry with oversight and to encourage the highest professional standards offering safeguards to customers, the environment and providing acceptable methods of disposal and/or removal of pests.

We are 1 call away should you need a solution to a pest problem on 07546 007 952